Everything started back in 1964, when Cipatex® began manufacturing synthetic laminates in its headquarters in Cerquilho/SP. Over twenty years later, in 1987, it became a corporate group with over 100,000 sq. meters of productive area, operating in the plastic, chemical and non-woven fabric industries.

Present in the Brazilian and in the international market, Cipatex® has solutions for several industries, such as: footwear, furniture, swimming pools, bags and accessories, appliances, stickers, construction, clothing, automobiles, sports and leisure, gifts, school materials, and coverings.

Today, the Group is formed by the following companies:

• Cipatex® – Head Office
• Cipatex® – Subsidiary
• Cipatex® Nordeste
• Cipatex® Sul
• Cipatex® Adesivos
• Cipatex® of America
• Cipatex® Europa
• Petrom – Petroquímica de Mogi das Cruzes
• Dinaplast – Argentina

Innovation is the trademark of the Cipatex® Group, which updates and improves its performance every day, through much research and great diligence. Focus on excellence has turned the company into a professional benchmark, a solid and strong market player.

+ Cipatex

  • 1964
    Beginning of activities in the state of São Paulo

    Beginning of activities with the production of sheepskin lining for hats, in Cerquilho/SP.

  • 1967
    Expansion and new challenges

    Expansion of the product range, with the production of percaline, used for bookbinding, and polyethylene resin yarn.

  • 1970
    Industrial District,an important change

    The plant moves the Industrial District, where the headquarters are currently located.

  • 1975
    More products,further industries

    Beginning of the production of thermoplastic resin-based products, i.e. PVC.

  • 1976
    Growing andadding value

    The Pilon family joins Cipatex®

  • 1987
    New manufacturingprocesses

    Beginning of the production of laminates in calendering and extrusion processes.

  • 1996
    Cipatex® products inSouth America

    Beginning of the activities of Dinaplast: Cipatex® distributor in Argentina.

  • 1996
    ISO 9001Certification

    Cipatex® is the first company of its kind to obtain the ISO 9001 2000 certification.

  • 1998

    Petrom – (Petroquímica de Mogi das Cruzes), Latin America’s largest manufacturer of phthalic anhydride, is integrated to the Cipatex® Group.

  • 1999
    All over Brazil.Northeast

    Opening of Cipatex® Nordeste in Bayeux/PB, for the production of coagulated laminates.

  • 2000
    Joint Venturewith DuPont®

    In association with Dupont, DuPont Cipatex® S/A is created and is responsible for manufacturing non-woven fabrics used in the production of synthetic laminates.

  • 2001
    Southern region. Process optimization

    Opening of Cipatex® in Nova Hartz, on Vale dos Sinos/RS, so as to enable prompt delivery and agility in product development, optimizing the production process in an important shoemaking region.

  • 2002
    Opening of the newDuPont Cipatex® plant

    Opening of DuPont Cipatex® to meet the demand for footwear components, cleaning cloths and hygiene in South America.

  • 2009

    Cipatex® joins the market of stickers with Cipatex® Adesivos, located in Cerquilho/SP. The plant uses high-end technologies in hot-melt, PUR, body shop and car painting stickers.

  • 2012
    Cipatex®of America

    Cipatex® of America was created to promote the company’s expansion and internationalization process. Located in Miami, the company’s office and warehouse ensure prompt delivery and inventory, in addition to proximity with potential clients.

  • 2013
    Cipatex® Sul, production ofPU and PVC laminates

    Implementation of the structure for the production of coagulated PU and PVC-based laminates in Nova Hartz/RS.

  • 2013
    Distribution Hub

    Opening of the new Cipatex® Distribution Hub in Cerquilho/SP.

  • 2014
    50th anniversary

    Cipatex® completes 50 years of history.

  • 2015

    Cipatex® begins the operations of a new business unit in Spain, in the city of Valencia, with main focus on supplying the furniture and footwear markets, in addition to technical materials for watercraft.