Innovation has always been a hallmark of Cipatex®. A leader in the manufacturing of coverings, it is known for the wide variety of products in its portfolio.

Operating in the plastic, chemical and non-woven fabric industries, Cipatex® is present both in the Brazilian and in the international market. Its products cater for the markets of footwear, bags and accessories, furniture, automobiles, construction, appliances, canvas for covering and coating, sports and leisure, gifts, school materials, childcare, and stickers.

This wide array of operations puts Cipatex® in an avant-garde position, always with social and environmental responsibility.

Founded in 1964, in the city of Cerquilho, state of Sao Paulo, the company grew and became more diversified. Today, it is the Cipatex® Group, formed by the following companies: Cipatex® – Head Office and Subsidiary -, Cipatex® Nordeste, Cipatex® Sul, Cipatex® Adesivos, Cipatex® of America, Cipatex® Europa, Dinaplast – Argentina and Petrom – Petroquímica de Mogi das Cruzes.

More than an industrial complex, the Cipatex® Group is a professional, strong and determined player, whose competitive edge is based on overcoming its challenges day after day.

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