Markets and Products

The Cipatex® has a special range for the construction sector. These are items with excellent performance and multiple applications. From soundproofing and sealing tapes to materials for waterproofing, the construction market can rely on the advantages of these products.

Those who buy Cipatex® materials get all the experience and efficiency of the Group, which manufactures items recognized throughout the national and international markets.

  • Cipageo®

    Cipatex® also offers the Cipageo® PVC geomembranes. Produced by the calendering system, they have good resistance to various types of acids, bases and salts. Some of its features are elongation/stretching, ductility and flexibility, which make it the ideal product for waterproofing concrete and soils in general. The geomembranes may also be pre-manufactured into panels, reducing installation time and costs. In addition to civil construction applications, such as the waterproofing of slabs, reservoirs, areas subject to infiltration and landscaping projects, Cipageo® can also be used in various markets, such as:

    • Environment: waste treatment lagoons and lagoons that concentrate industrial waste. Waterproofing of agricultural lakes, fish farming lakes, irrigation channels, slurry pits and biodigestors.
    • Agriculture: pig pen areas, silage tanks, cisterns, among others.
    • Mining: soil sealing for leaching in cells and channels, leaching and/or decanting tanks, general mining processes.
    • Industry: Tanks for electroplating.

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