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Trend, style, comfort and beauty. The fashion world is constantly changing and the Cipatex® technology keeps up with this development to provide materials to the industries of footwear, bags and accessories. These are creative and innovative alternatives in laminated PU and PVC so that manufacturers can create quality products.

From casual to high fashion, Cipatex® applies its technology to meet the needs of consumers by providing a modern and comfortable look.

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  • Cipacron®

    Cipacron® was especially developed for bags and accessories. The Cipatex® technology provides excellent resistance to breakage and traction, essential for the durability of products that are used every day.

    A wide variety of textures, colors and prints ensures the most diverse designs and styles to meet the needs of consumers who seek quality materials.

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  • Cottontex®

    PVC laminate with reinforcement in several recordings for lining women’s, men’s and children’s shoes.

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  • Coverline

    PVC laminate for the upper part of women’s, children’s, men’s and sports shoes.

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  • Forrotex

    PVC laminate with reinforcement in several recordings for lining shoes in general, with excellent value for money, for markets that require greater competitiveness.

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  • Unic

    UNIC range products are developed with the highest technology. They are polyurethane laminates for the upper part and lining of shoes, which provide comfort due to their softness, absorbency and perspiration. The properties of this range also keep shoes free of fungi and bacteria.

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